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C-Notes for MON 23 APR 2018

1. STATUS: Back to doing C-Notes which is what I do when I quit social media.

2. CMR gets it right. Abandoning blogs for social media is definitely a mistake. Matt Drudge says the same thing. Social media is the ghetto of the internet.

3. $20 is my ceiling on wristwatch purchases. Why did I ever spend more?

4. I was not a fan of Barbara Bush. I think she was the offspring of Aleister Crowley. I also think George cheated on her repeatedly. Not the kind of marriage I want.

5. Here are a few thoughts on the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. As a former atheist and skeptic, I can say that atheism clouds your vision. But even skeptics can experience things they can't explain.

6. A rare moment when I am in agreement with James Cameron. I hate superhero movies. Grown men should not watch them. Of course, I think most of Cameron's movies aren't much better. Avatar was awful.

7. I have no doubt that Mitt Romney will be the next senator from Utah. I also have no doubt that the only connection Romney has to Utah is the Mormon Connection. And this, Gentle Readers, is why Romney is unfit to be President. Mormonism is an anti-christian cult of heretics.

8. The resemblance is uncanny.

9. Here's Marvin Pierce, the man listed on the birth certificate as Barbara Bush's father. I'm not seeing a resemblance.

10. MEMENTO MORI: I miss Art Bell. He was the best. Lots of great entertainment and scary nights from that guy. May he rest in peace. Carpe diem.