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C-Notes for TUE 19 SEP 2017

1. When I write a typical blog post, it takes a lot of work. I have to find an idea, some graphics, and a quotation to head the thing. I like writing those kinds of posts, but all that work makes it hard to dash something off on a regular basis especially as things are happening in the world. So, I've decided to do something new. This is it. C-Notes. I hope you like it.

2. Trump was simply awesome at the UN today. That speech was like he was channeling Ronald Reagan from beyond the grave in some kind of seance or something. That speech is up there with his Poland speech. On foreign policy, Trump gets an A+ from the C-man.

3. Some thug gangsters shot up the Vista in Columbia. The reason this is a big deal is because the Vista is supposed to be a place where good and decent people can go to dine and have a good time. Instead, they can now expect to catch stray bullets as they walk down Gervais Street.

4. It is obvious that Mueller intends to squeeze Manafort to get him to throw Trump under the bus to save his own hide. It is a gross injustice but one carried out on a daily basis on common folk without the means to fight back. It is hell even for people with means to fight back. Just ask Martha Stewart. The Feds are evil, and Mueller dripped straight from the Devil's loins.

5. The left wing fake news mainstream media knew Trump was tapped. They didn't care. Obama was utterly Nixonian in his abuse of power except he makes Nixon look good in comparison. But Democrats get the pass while Republicans get crucified.

6. US Catholic bishops promote illegal immigration because they want government money for their charities, and they want bodies to fill their empty parishes and coffers. Steve Bannon nailed it.

7. I'm waiting for Elton John to try and sue Trump for using the term "Rocket Man."

8. Faithful Catholics are now a "cancer" on the Catholic Church. Gee, this whole time I thought it was those child molesting sodomite priests and the bishops that covered for their crimes.

9. James Comey perjured himself numerous times. But he's another Democrat that gets a pass.

10. Trump needs to fire Jeff Sessions. You can't recuse yourself every time a criminal claims to be a Democrat causing you to have a conflict of interest. The fact is that virtually all criminals are Democrats, and all Democrats are criminals. Put Christie or Giuliani in the job.